At DAE, we're so much more than just copying and duplicating. We offer you a variety of specialized services, from professional graphic design to quality finishing and delivery. We invite you to take a few moments to review all of our services. You may find we have just what you need right around the corner.

Printing & Reproduction
Black and white duplication. Four-color reproduction. Professional copying and duplicating services for the business professional. When you need your best job or project reproduced for presentation or distribution, send it to DAE Print & Design. We take your work from hard copy or electronic file, put it on your paper or ours, and print it any size. We handle all of the details, so you can hold a finished product in your hands that you can be proud of. And we do it all in strictest confidence.

High Volume
One hundred copies of a 100-page report. Five hundred copies of a 40-page handbook. One thousand copies of a 60-page manual. Five thousand copies of a phone directory for a major healthcare corporation. We know how much wear and tear a high volume run can put on your office copiers. However, we have the equipment to handle the most daunting tasks—and we can get you and your project up, running and on your way before you know it.

Graphic art assistance for your layouts. Photos, borders and graphics for your documents. Transparencies duplicated. We can add just the creative spark and visual sophistication your project needs to finish it in style. And we can help you with all of the prepress preparations you need to make sure your job runs smoothly. Give us a call, and we'll show you how good you can look on paper.

Spiral Binding. Plastic Comb. Plastic Coil. Wire. Perfect Binding. Tape Binding. We have virtually any kind of binding you want, all in several different colors. Whether it's a low volume presentation to select clients or a high volume phone directory for all of your employees, it can be done quickly, efficiently and economically with us. We bind software manuals, orientation booklets, employee handbooks, directories, tax reports, proprietary documents, even annual reports. Almost anything you can think of, we can bind.

Finishing & Collating
Collating. Folding. Numbering. Scoring. Perforating. Stapling. Punching. Cutting. Padding. Labeling. Shrink-wrapping. We do it all to put the finishing touches on your project or presentation. Once you finish typing it, you can send it to us on disk or via e-mail. Then simply wait for a finished product you can be proud of, boxed in prearranged quantities and delivered to your door ready to roll.